Medical Cooler Box

Advanced cord blood stem cell cooler box transport collection kit with PCM ice pack

Our Cord blood collection kit utilizes state-of-the-art gel packs containing phase-change material (PCM), which requires no refrigeration or freezing yet provides maximum temperature control. Phase-change materials(PCM) absorb or release thermal energy as they experience changes in the ambient temperature. This gives them the ability to consistently maintain the moderate temperatures needed in a medical cooler box.
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What’s in our Cord Blood Collection Kit?

Why the Stem Cells Tranport cooler box matters

Stem cells may be a bit picky and lose their ability to regenerate when exposed to temperatures below 39 degrees or above 86 degrees; the cord blood bank also loses the effective ability to detect certain infectious diseases in the mother’s blood. If the return kit exceeds 77 degrees for more than 24 hours. If the mother’s blood is not properly tested, the baby’s blood may be infected with the virus, making the cord blood unusable for other family members. If the mother’s blood is not properly tested, some clinics will not even accept cord blood.

Keeping the advanced cold bag's contents in the safe temperature range for the long flights and drives to the cord blood processing and banking facility requires excellent insulation. Many cord blood banks don't invest heavily in their Ice cooler bag and instead, to keep their clients 'collections safe, just hope that the medical courier will not run into any snags or delays. While all cord blood banks would like to get their kit back in less than a day's time, circumstance and mistakes can delay transportation.

There are some forms that need to be resolved, some bags, cups and vials need to be filled, but the content of the collection kit far exceeds everything needed for collection. Just look at the contents of the collection kit and you can discover how it will keep the baby's cord blood and cord tissue safe. The box itself is the first line of defense against the outside temperature. It usually consists of a cardboard material with a corrugated design, which provides minimal insulation. Next, what you are really looking for are foam or other types of inserts arranged along the walls of the box. The quantity and thickness of the foam and its quality (cross-linking and open cell) will affect its ability to maintain temperature. In rare cases, such as our collection kit, a vacuum insulation panel is used, which has 10 times the insulation performance of foam inserts.

In addition to insulating materials, more advanced temperature control measures can also be used. Here you will find gel bags (PCM ice gel bags) containing phase change materials. These materials absorb or release heat energy when they experience changes in ambient temperature. This allows them to always maintain the moderate temperature of 39–86 degrees required by the cord blood collection bag.

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