• Cold Chain Packing In Our Normal Life Cold Chain Packing In Our Normal Life
    Fresh cold chain enterprises, by focusing on direct sales at the place of origin, shortening intermediate links, making product information more transparent, and meeting consumer needs to a certain extent, people’s lives have more and more "fresh" foods. However, fresh products are not easy to store...
  • Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain
    The cold chain refers to the temperature-controlled supply chain that ensures perishable goods—such as food, pharmaceuticals, and biotech products—remain within specified temperature ranges throughout transportation and storage. Any deviation from these ranges can compromise the quality, safety, and...
  • How Is It Going on  Cold Chain Logistics Industry ? How Is It Going on Cold Chain Logistics Industry ?
    Affected by the epidemic, medical cold chain transportation is more well-known to the public than ever before, and the industry value is prominent. As the crown jewel of the medical logistics industry, medical cold chain transportation has once again become the focus of attention. As we all know, un...
  • How to Use Car Refrigerator properly? How to Use Car Refrigerator properly?
    It is common to use a car refrigerator in a car, especially in some high-power trucks. However, due to the frequent long-distance travel of trucks, preparing a refrigerator can have many benefits. But it should be noted that when installing a car refrigerator at the beginning, the correct handling m...
  • The Cold Chain Transportation of Medicines The Cold Chain Transportation of Medicines
    Cold chain logistics is a systematic project, all refrigerated boxes is required to be in a specific low-temperature environment in all links. It is based on the freezing process and refrigeration technology, to achieve continuous low-temperature process.  Compared with the food and beverage co...
  • What is Inhaled Insulin? What is Inhaled Insulin?
    After more than 80 years of history the American and European Drug Agencies (FDA and EMEA) approved the first pulmonary delivered version of insulin (Exubera®) from Pfizer/Nektar early 2006. However, there is concern about the long-term effects of inhaling a growth protein into the lungs. It was...
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