Pallet Thermal Cover

Pallet Shipper Thermal Cover for Bulk shipment

PolarCover is a patented light, flexible, multiple layer thermal insulation system designed to protect pallet loads of passive temperature controlled cold chain boxes from reduction in cold life performance resulting from short term high or low ambient temperatures.
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Pallet Shipper Thermal Cover

PolarCover uses multiple layers of highly reflective, low emittance material as heat transfer barriers to restrict the transfer of heat energy by radiation.

PolarCover Advantages

1.Light and flexible multiple layer thermal insulation system

2.Insulated pallet blanket Provides additional thermal insulation protection for pallet loads of temperature sensitive products 

3.thermal pallet blanket Consists of easily fitted cover and base

4.Ships as flat pack (125*114 *20 cm)

5.PolarCover can provide temperature differences from ambient up to 20 deg.C


> Pharmaceutical
Pallet, air-cargo and container insulation for temperature sensitive freight.

> Healthcare
Clinical trial, vaccine, blood and plasma transportation.

> Chemical
Thermal insulation for chemical products during the supply chain process.

> Air Cargo
Protecting time and temperature sensitive cargo in the air freight environment.

Test Data Report

Thermal shipping blankets protect the pallet load by isolating it from high ambient temperatures, creating an artificial,much lower, ambient temperature under the cover. 

   >  PolarCover-19

thermal pallet covers

Achieve temperature difference of 24 deg C , 31.8 deg C recorded under cover at ambient temperature of 56.2 deg.C

   > PolarCover-11

Achieve temperature difference of 15 deg C , 28 deg C recorded under cover at ambient temperature of 43 deg.C

About PolarCover

1. PolarCover protects the pallet load by isolating it from high ambient temperatures, so creating an artificial environment at a much lower temperature. The action is reversible, offering protection in low ambient temperatures.

2. PolarCover consists of a cover and a base. The base is placed on the pallet, the payload is loaded, and the cover is drawn over the load and the base.

3. PolarCover is shipped in a flat pack. For ease of fitting, the side panels of the cover and base are secured with weather resistant Velcro. 

Patents No.  202811610021X     2018222210212

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Leave a message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.