Cold Chain Shipping Box

Long time Low temperature Tranportation cooler box

Laminated VPU vacuum insulated panel temperature controlled cold chain packaging, with patented interlocking PCM technology, to adopt Integrated molding technology to achieve high insulation performance up to 96 hours and save transportation cost.
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Long time Low temperature Tranportation cooler box

The cost of the logistics is reduced remarkably since VPU box costs much less than other insulating materials. Insulation is an important part of maintaining low temperature. The weight of the package is reduced drastically as VPU foams are lightweight as compared to their volume. 


Medical cooler box

Main Material

VPU high performance insulation panel


Medical, vaccine, blood storage and transport


Outer Dimension:310x310x310mm

Inner Dimension:230x230x230mm


Payload capacity:12L

Cold source

Ice Pack:6pcs combine cube: ice bricks size: 380*380*30mm

Cold life

keep 2 deg C to 8 deg C for more than 50hours / 72 hours at ambient temperature of - 25deg C to +35 deg C.  


Cold Chain Bags and Medical Cold shipping Box, specially designed to hold temperatures within essential safe temperature limits without electricity during transport or use for: Vaccines,Insulin,Biopharmaceutical, Life Science and other Medical Products,IVD products and biological specimens,Selected fresh food, drink and dairy products.


1. Before using, wipe the non toxic sealed HT Ice Bricks dry, and place into a freezer until they are fully frozen (about 10 hours). If using HT Ice Packs, fill with clean fresh water, firmly replace the screw cap, then follow the same procedure.

2. Remove the frozen packs from the freezer, and place every pack into the box in the positions indicated, and close the lid.

3. When the temperature of the box reduces to below 8°C, open the lid and place the contents to be kept cold in the cold transport container. Close the lid.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.