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We offer validation and cold chain solution for medical, clinical trail, blood bank, food delivery and etc, temperature controlling range from chill, cool and frozen, last mile and bulk logistics optional.
What is the medical cold chain logistic ?
What is the medical cold chain logistic ? As a branch of the logistics industry, the medical cold chain specifically refers to a systematic project from producer to user of refrigerated drug entities for the purpose of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of people, including Its production, transportation, storage, use and other links. Thanks to the increasing of the scale of pharmaceutical circulation , the development of the Medical cold chain, which was originally as a supplement to the pharmaceutical circulation supply chain, has attracted more attention. The Medical cold chain is to monitor the entire process of drugs, vaccines, diagnostic reagents and related raw materials at ultra-low temperature from raw material procurement, sample collection,...
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Cold Chain Logistics is Essential for Medical Supply
Cold chain logistics includes all the means used to ensure a constant temperature for temperature sensitive products from time of manufacturing to end user. Cold chain logistics is a systematic project, all refrigerated boxes is required to be in a specific low-temperature environment in all links. It is based on the freezing process and refrigeration technology, to achieve continuous low-temperature process. Therefore, China government has relatively high requirements for cold chain logistics, and stipulates that scientific and effective methods must be implemented, and more management and capital investment than normal temperature logistics must be invested. Among all kinds of cold chain logistics, the pharmaceutical cold chain is one of the most developed c...
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The way to farewell to the cold chain temperature loss at short time
Packaging and transportation of perishable products,Biological products has been an age old challenge for Defence. Not anymore,International Haotian Technology has designed a packaging solution for cold chain transportation of perishable products and biological products. As a national high-tech enterprise,it is originated from R&D base of Xiamen University and has mature technology for passive cold chain packaging. In 2006, it was first to use passive refrigerated packaging to be applied to the center of disease control in all province and city. in 2012, The charge of the company Mr.Meng Shaodong participated in the drafting of the national standard for [medical refrigerator]; in 2015, it successfully developed VIP Polarbox ,  which won the ...
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The Storage and transportation of blood
Blood is familiar and unfamiliar to ordinary people. Blood occupies 7% of the body's weight. Although the proportion is not large, it is indispensable. It is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to maintain vital signs, and resisting the immune function of foreign bacteria. Blood contains plasma and blood cells. Blood cells include red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. After separating and processing theeffective components of blood , the types of blood products are more diverse. Commonly used blood component products are: ① Cell preparation:. Red blood cell concentration and red blood cell washing: ② Platelet concentration suspension ③ Cell suspension ④ Fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitated plasma: ⑤ Other blood products: such as 5% albumin, anti-hemophili...
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It is the best time to enter the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry !
      The medical cold chain refers to a special supply chain network with a temperature-controlled environment to satisfy people's disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment purposes, and to ensure the safety and effectiveness of refrigerated medicines, vaccines, and IVDs.      Affected by the epidemic, medical cold chain transportation is more well-known to the public than ever before, and the industry value is prominent. As the crown jewel of the medical logistics industry, medical cold chain transportation has once again become the focus of attention. As we all know, under the catalysis of the epidemic, the overall economic situation of the country is not optimistic. Then, why are there still many logistics companies entering the field of medical cold ch...
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COVID-19 spread highlights the importance of safe and certified biological sample transportation
As a global supplier of compliant and certified biological sample transport packaging solutions,Haotian Cold Chain Technology have ensured they are well positioned to cope with any sudden increase in demand due to the possibility of a global pandemic. Stock levels of all our VPUPolarbox have been increased at all domestic sites to ensure demand can be satisfied and potentially infectious samples can be transported safely and compliantly As expected, we are experiencing very high demand for supply and it would be very helpful to get as much advance notice of customer requirements to enable us to manage production and stocks efficiently. With the number of global cases of COVID-19 increasing the likelihood of a global pandemic grows. As the world looks to contain the spread of the ...
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Portable Medical Carrier
Cold Chain Services More and more products than ever are temperature-sensive and need careful protection. Cold chain logistics products are generally divided into three categories: One is primary agricultural products, including: vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, flowers, etc.The second is processed food, such as: frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic products and other packaged cooked food, ice cream and dairy products, etc. The third is special commodities, namely medicines and vaccines. Whether you are shipping foods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biological samples (blood, saliva, urine, tissues, etc.), lab specimens, or even temperature-sensitive reagents, we provide professional and tailor made supply chain solutions like thermal packaging solutions, pallet...
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Save umbilical cord blood to back up your life
There are countless firsts in life, and you can start again if you make a mistake. But there is only one thing in one's life. If you miss it, there is no chance. It is "umbilical cord blood"-the first gift brought to mankind by a newborn. It is left in the placenta and umbilical cord after the fetus is delivered, the umbilical cord is ligated and severed. In the blood. More than 30 years ago, it was just medical waste, and it was usually discarded. When a type of hematopoietic stem cell that can be used to treat a variety of diseases is found in the umbilical cord blood, it becomes a valuable resource. The cord blood hematopoietic stem cell bank (stem cell bank for short) used to store cord blood also came into being. So what exactly does umbilical cord blood do? Self-preservation or donat...
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How to choose a high-quality medical cooler box
      High quality medical cooler boxes generally use food-grade environmentally friendly LLDPE materials with best insulation material of PP,  which are non-toxic, tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, and are not easy to change  color. Plastic has been widely used in various fields of daily life. Products made of plastic such as plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic  cabinets, plastic boxes, etc. can be seen everywhere,.  However, the materials used in some plastic products sold in the market may release toxic and harmful substances under different conditions such as temperature and humidity, which are unsafe.       So we  faced with so many plastic products on the market and How to choose the ideal med...
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Cold chain drugs are bought every day, but many people don't know these basic common sense!
In addition to vaccines, which of the commonly used drugs need to be stored in the cold chain? And what is the specific storage temperature? In fact, there are many things to pay attention to in the storage of drugs. It is not enough to refrigerate. Some drugs even "collision" "It will fail in a moment! Isn't it a little surprised? With regard to the topic of cold chain drugs and storage, I will give you a popular science today.   01 What is a cold chain drug?    Seeing the word "chain", we immediately think of chains, which are linked together. The drug cold chain refers to temperature-sensitive drugs such as refrigerated drugs. From production, packaging, transportation, to storage before use by patients, the entire process must be under a specified temperature enviro...
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Why choose us
OUR SERVICE   International Haotian Technology is focused on Customer expectations, Product Specification and consumer safety and protection. We are committed to meeting Customer, Statutory and Regulatory requirements in both the Export and Domestic markets.   QUALITY ASSURANCE   ISO19001-2015, GB/T19001-2016, CE, GDP (Good Distribution Practice EU),   UN3373, IATA Packing 650   PROFESSIONAL TEAM   Qualified, experienced and dedicated industry professionals work to ensure that our cold chain solutions meet our Customer's requirement.   VALIDATION SERVICE   We have professional engineer to help our clients to validation for each new product or before mass production to ensure every shipment comply with your strict requirement.   AFTER-SALE SERVICE   After purchase, our Customers are not left on their own. Our Customer team will follow up online to ensure satisfaction, and be available to assist with any operational query such as telephone, email, whatsapp, wechat, onling inquiry.
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International Haotian Technology Co., Ltd.
INTERNATIONAL HAOTIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a dynamic High-new-tech Enterprise established in 2004 in beautiful seaside city Xiamen, China,focus on offering complete passive cold chain solutions- from design, test, to manufacturing - for the transport of products at safe temperatures for the medical and food industries, and in scientific applications.  Our main products range from high quality passive cold chain package to PCM ice brick. for drugs, vaccine, biological agents,  insulin, blood and other temperature-sensitive products,  Our cold chain solution including chill, frozen and controlled room temperature. In addition,  our lab provides customized configuration and testing services, new package solutions, and validation services to meet all regulatory requirements. Our main market in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and USA. we're the vendors for NHS UK, Abbott, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, DHL, Sinopharm, Sysmex etc. We always hold the Sincerity, Quality, and Efficiency as our company's business philosophy aim to protect safety and better health of human life. Company Overview   Our company's 15-years history is as follows: ◆  In 2004, Haotian cold chain was born in Xiamen University, 6 people, 50 square meters; ◆  In 2005, With the patented phase change material, the product entered the overseas market; ◆  In 2008, Strengthen internal strength, establish brand, and introduce international talents; ◆  In 2009, Developed a new generation of products and entered the domestic medical cold chain field; ◆  In 2011, We moved into the Torch High-tech Zone Pioneer Park and entered a new voyage; ◆  In 2013, Took the lead in joining the Cold Chain Association to seek industry development together; ◆  In 2014, Technological innovation won the "Gold Chain Award" of China Cold Chain Field; ◆  In 2015, “Liangxin No. 1 Polarbox ” opened a new era of medical cold chain ; ◆  In 2016, We moved to self-built " Dream Garden", and transformed to the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry; ◆  In 2017, The independent innovation technology was upgraded and won the honor of "National High-tech Enterprise"; ◆  In 2018, The self-built information platform won the honor of “National Drug Distribution Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” We are the Vendors for
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International Haotian Technology Co., Ltd.
OUR SERVICE Haotian Technology is focused on Customer expectations, Product Specification and consumer safety and protection. We are committed to meeting Customer, Statutory and Regulatory requirements in both the Export and Domestic markets. QUALITY ASSURANCE ISO19001-2015, GB/T19001-2016, CE, GDP (Good Distribution Practice EU), UN3373, IATA Packing 650 PROFESSIONAL TEAM Qualified, experienced and dedicated industry professionals work to ensure that our cold chain solutions meet our Customer's requirement. Custom Design We can design cold chain packaging according to your cold life requirement, OEM products with your design and logo. VALIDATION SERVICE We have professional engineer to help our clients to validation for each new product or before mass production to ensure every shipment comply with your strict requirement. AFTER-SALE SERVICE After purchase, our Customers are not left on their own. Our Customer team will follow up online to ensure satisfaction, and be available to assist with any operational query such as telephone, email, whatsapp, wechat, onling inquiry.
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  • specimen transport box
    Specimen Sample Transport Boxes Biological Packaging 11L Container
    Our 11L specimen transport box is a durable, waterproof, leak-proof container that is easy to load, securely locks and is ready for specimen or sample transport.
  • thermal pallet shipper
    Pallet thermal insulated container cold chain shipping box
    Our new VPU pallet thermal boxes are large cold chain shipping boxes are used to stack, store, protect, and transport materials in the course of being handled by materials handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks or conveyors, being stored in racking or bulk storage or being positioned in transport vehicles. The most important is that it can keep inside items with nice performance.
  • Cord Blood Cooler Box
    High Performance Insulated Cord Blood Transport Cooler Box Medical Ice Bag
    Collection and storage of cord blood stem cell or specimen at safe temperature. Under ambient 37 deg.C, then hold articles inside at 4 deg.C to 30 deg.C, the cold life of our cooler box can maintain about 28 hours. Our Insulated Cooler Box equipped with 2 pcs PCM ice bag in order to keep cord blood stem cell and tissue at safe temperature.
  • diabetic cooler bag
    Wholesale portable diabetic storage cooler bag with temperature display
    The Diabetic storage cooler bag is made of EVA and covered with PU leather which is in good and luxury looking, easy carrying and wash . A detachable PE foam pocket inside can achieve great insulation to effect and keep your insulin under a safe cool environment.
  • insulin cooler Box
    Wholesale Durable EVA outdoor travel Insulin Cooler Box
    Hard shell  Eva Insulin Cooler Box is good fit for Blood Sugar Test Strips, Medication, Glucose Meter, Pills, Tablets, Pens, Insulin Syringes, Needles, Lancets. It is small enough to fill into any work bag, handbag or pocket.
  • medical transportation box for laboratory testing
    28L portable plastic Insulated vaccine carrier box
    These portable vaccine carriers without any external power supply are known as passive medical cooler boxes since they protect the temperature within itself and does not generate a low temperature.
  • Delivery cooler box
    Long time Low temperature Tranportation cooler box
    Laminated VPU vacuum insulated panel temperature controlled cold chain packaging, with patented interlocking PCM technology, to adopt Integrated molding technology to achieve high insulation performance up to 96 hours and save transportation cost.
  • 3layers disposable medical mask
    Disposable Medical Mask
    CE approved earloop type disposable medical maks with moderate tightness and three layer anti-wrinkle design provide coziness for ears, light and very low resistance to breathing !
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  • The future of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is strong and promising Dec 09,2020
    Pharmaceutical cold chain: strong growth momentum, high threshold is good for industry leaders   Pharmaceutical cold chain is expected to become the strongest sub-category in the future development of cold chain logistics. Drug circulation refers to a series of transportation and storage links that drugs go through from the factory to the medical institution or retail pharmacy.   According to data from Mi, in 2018, the drug sales of the three major terminals of my country's public hospitals, primary medical institutions, and retail pharmacies were 1.73 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.3%. Cold chain circulation is an important part of drug circulation and the most promising business branch in drug circulation. The medical products that require cold ch...
  • The new crown epidemic spurs changes in cold chain logistics to complement cold chain logistics shortcomings Dec 09,2020
    Whether it is to accelerate the entry of agricultural products into cities or to stimulate the development potential of fresh e-commerce, industrial chain reform is imminent, and cold chain logistics shortcomings urgently need to be filled.    The demand for fresh food from consumer groups has surged, and the cold chain logistics industry has ushered in new development opportunities. However, facing the balance of supply and demand broken by the epidemic, the logistics industry chain has exposed many shortcomings in development.   1 The supply chain is relatively fragile, which is directly manifested in the shortage of the terminal commodity supply and the chain of transportation links. At present, the cold chain logistics industry has not completely got rid of the...
  • 2020 EBPC Biological Products Conference Aug 18,2020
    Haotian Cold Chain launched [Farewell to a technical way out of cold chain loss] From August 6th to August 7th, the 2020 Trade Biological Products Conference EBPC kicked off at the Luneng Hilton Hotel in Haikou. EBPC gathered "2020 Twelfth Human Vaccine Industry Curtain" and "2020 Eighth Veterinary Vaccine Industry Curtain" The three major summits of the "8th China Blood Products Industry Summit 2020" attracted nearly 800 participants from the biological products industry and nearly 50 organizations participated in the exhibition. Xiamen Haotian Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Haotian Cold Chain) is specially invited to participate as a co-organizer. Haotian Cold Chain is a national high-tech enterprise originated from the R&D base of Xiamen University an...
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