The way to farewell to the cold chain temperature loss at short time 2020-08-31

Packaging and transportation of perishable productsBiological products has been an age old challenge for Defence. Not anymoreInternational Haotian Technology has designed a packaging solution for cold chain transportation of perishable products and biological products.

As a national high-tech enterprise,it is originated from R&D base of Xiamen University and has mature technology for passive cold chain packaging. In 2006, it was first to use passive refrigerated packaging to be applied to the center of disease control in all province and city. in 2012, The charge of the company Mr.Meng Shaodong participated in the drafting of the national standard for [medical refrigerator]; in 2015, it successfully developed VIP Polarbox ,  which won the third prize of scientific and technological progress, successfully filled a technological gap and ended the history of not being able to transport vaccines in the Northeast in the past winter. Mr. Meng Shaodong and his company have more than 30 patent projects, which are widely used in the field of vaccine medicine cold chain. Now, after more than two years of research, the technical team has successfully developed the [Russell Thermal Lock], which has technically and ingeniously solved the long-standing dilemma and pain points of hypothermia in the vaccine industry.

[Russell Temperature Locker] is the latest temperature lock product launched by International Haotian Technology in 2020, based on "Technical Temperature Locker". The "technical temperature locker" is to optimize the application of cold chain technology products to the highest cost performance, so that it can avoid temperature loss in any possible circulation links. Use technical products to lock the required temperature zone, while achieving the lowest cost, large floor area ratio, and the most cost-effective result. We call this technical means to prevent temperature  breakpoints as“Technical Temperature Locker" for short time logistics.

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