Cold Chain Logistics is Essential for Medical Supply 2020-08-28

Cold chain logistics includes all the means used to ensure a constant temperature for temperature sensitive products from time of manufacturing to end user. Cold chain logistics is a systematic project, all refrigerated boxes is required to be in a specific low-temperature environment in all links. It is based on the freezing process and refrigeration technology, to achieve continuous low-temperature process. Therefore, China government has relatively high requirements for cold chain logistics, and stipulates that scientific and effective methods must be implemented, and more management and capital investment than normal temperature logistics must be invested.

Among all kinds of cold chain logistics, the pharmaceutical cold chain is one of the most developed categories. It includes a series of transportation and storage links from the delivery of drugs to medical institutions. Compared with the food and beverage cold chain, the medical cold chain has higher technical requirements, especially in the case of stricter temperature control during the entire process, the cold chain transportation of medicines involves strict operating procedures. Moreover, the medical cold chain has high requirements for information .  According to the logistics resource data of 941 pharmaceutical companies in the medical logistics database of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, more than 90% of China’s medical cold chain companies are equipped with electronic systems such as GPRS automatic transmission temperature monitoring systems.

Cold chain is considered as a science, a technology and a process. It requires the understanding of the chemical and biological processes associated with product penetrability. Hence, it is a science. It relies on PCM technology to ensure desirable temperature conditions along the supply chain. Hence, Haotian Cold Chain Technology Technical Team  focus on the research and innovation on cold chain technology for 16 years, who devoted to develop more products for cold chain solution.

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