【PolarBox】——Make the safe transportation of vaccine more solid guarantee 2020-12-28

——Science and technology companies work hard to develop a new technology to fill the gap in pharmaceutical cold chain technology

medical safe cold chain transport box

   The “energy efficient phase change cold chain technology” (medical safe cold chain transport box) announced by the Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau to the society is particularly eye-catching. This patented technology has attracted the attention of relevant departments.

The product developed and produced based on this technology is a new type of cold chain box (refrigerator). The product is unique in its performance. It is not too unusual in appearance, but it integrates efficient heat insulation Technology and structural characteristics are integrated, phase change materials are used to control temperature changes, and the establishment of a cloud platform boldly realizes the need for open monitoring of the entire temperature and humidity process and transparent monitoring to end users. This technology is an important breakthrough in the combination of cold chain and new technologies of the Internet of Things.

   First breakthrough: Under minus 20 degrees, safe cold chain transportation can be realized for 72 hours

It is reported that the cold chain box can overcome the impact of outdoor environmental temperature changes. It is the first breakthrough in the low temperature environment of -20°C in winter. It can also ensure that the temperature in the vaccine box is 2-8°C (safe temperature range) for three days (72 hours) and above . This patented technology product can realize the entire cold chain safe transportation of vaccines, blood products, biological products, etc., regardless of the extremely low outdoor temperature in the cold north of our country or the extremely high outdoor temperature in the south. Starting from 72 hours, it has created a domestic record of safe cold-chain transportation (the temperature does not exceed the standard, and the vaccine is safe and effective) for hundreds of hours under alternate temperature changes.

   The cold chain box (also known as the cold chain safe transport box) under certain technical control conditions, is the first at home and abroad to achieve temperature stability and safe transportation without refrigerated truck transportation.

The invention and application of this patented technology not only fills the gap in domestic technology, but also breaks through the technical bottleneck of the industry, and overcomes the effective cold of the vaccine cold chain box (refrigerator) at extremely low outdoor temperatures not exceeding 6 hours. The problem of chain time.

This innovative technology will provide a very safe and reliable product and technical guarantee for the entire cold chain transportation of my country’s drugs, vaccine products, biological products, blood products, etc. The most important thing is that it will not only achieve safer constant temperature transportation, but also Direct monitoring and management has also drastically reduced the cost of cold chain transportation. The application of this technology and corresponding products will bring great benefits to pharmaceutical companies, vaccine manufacturers, and biological product manufacturers.

   The patented technology has been successfully implemented in 2015, and the product has been mass-produced and practically applied. This medical safe cold chain transport box, named [Liangxin No. 1], has been used by many pharmaceutical companies and has been tested and approved in actual use, becoming a new generation of cold chain box iconic products.

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