[Cold Chain New Policy] The Ministry of Transport and other five departments have issued implementation opinions on accelerating the high-quality development of cold chain logistics transportation 2023-07-13
To the transportation departments (bureaus and committees), postal administrations, regional railway administrations, civil aviation administrations, and railway bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:
In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, conscientiously implement the "14th Five Year" Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan, further promote the high-quality development of cold chain logistics transportation (hereinafter referred to as "cold chain transportation"), better meet the people's growing needs for a better life, and accelerate services to build a Dual circulation, the following opinions are put forward.
1、 Overall requirements
  We will strive to improve the infrastructure of cold chain transportation, improve the level of technical equipment, innovate the transportation service mode, improve the cold chain transportation supervision system, promote the smooth, efficient, smart, convenient, safe and standardized development of cold chain transportation, and provide strong support for ensuring food circulation safety, reducing waste in food circulation, promoting consumption upgrading, cultivating new growth points, and building a Dual circulation.
2、 Accelerate the improvement of infrastructure network
(1) Optimize the layout of cold chain facilities at hub ports and stations. In combination with the construction of the national cold chain logistics backbone channel network, relying on the advantageous agricultural production areas, important distribution centers and the freight hubs, major ports, railway logistics bases, and Airline hub where the main sales areas are located, we plan the layout of the cold chain logistics infrastructure, promote the access of railway private lines to logistics parks, ports, and terminals, and improve the cold chain transportation services such as trunk branch connection, regional distribution, warehousing and distribution, Enhance the support and guarantee capability of cold chain transportation.
(2) Improve the production and sales cold chain transportation facility network. Support county-level logistics centers and township transportation service stations with conditions to expand cold chain logistics service functions, provide operational venues for facilities and equipment such as pre cooling, refrigeration and preservation, mobile warehousing, and low-temperature sorting in agricultural product production areas, and improve the "initial one kilometer" cold chain logistics facilities in agricultural product production areas. Relying on the demonstration project of urban green freight delivery, we will promote the construction of cold chain distribution centers for sales in cities with large consumption and transit scales of cold chain products, study the establishment of temporary parking spaces for unloading cold chain delivery vehicles, promote the introduction of convenient transportation policies for cold chain delivery vehicles, and improve the quality of urban cold chain delivery services. Encourage fresh e-commerce and shipping logistics enterprises to increase the construction of "last mile" facilities such as urban cold chain front-end warehouses, and set up intelligent cold chain self pickup cabinets in communities, commercial buildings, etc. to improve the level of convenient services for the people.
3、 Promote technological equipment innovation and upgrading
(3) Promote the professional development of cold chain transportation tools. Strengthen the technical management of cold chain transportation vehicles. Cold chain transportation vehicles should be equipped with refrigeration and temperature monitoring equipment that meets standard requirements according to regulations, and maintain good functionality. Strengthen the guidance role of relevant standards for cold chain transportation vehicles, promote the application of multi temperature layer and new energy cold chain transportation vehicles, and support the installation and use of tailboards for urban cold chain distribution vehicles. Accelerate the updating and upgrading of railway mechanical refrigerated vehicles, and
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