How to Travel With the Diabetic Insulin Supplies 2024-03-31

        There are three types of Diabetes:
        Type 1 :Diabetes, (sometimes called Juvenile Diabetes) is usually found in young children andteenagers, but can also occur later in life.
        In Type 1 Diabetes, your body is not producing insulin, a hormone needed to convert bloodsugar into energy. Normally this hormone is produced by cells in your pancreas, but for some
reason this is not happening as it should.
        As the glucose in your blood can't be converted into energy and absorbed by your cells, itbuilds up causing high blood sugar.
        Type 2 : diabetes (sometimes called mature onset diabetes) is the most common form

        Type 2 diabetes usually appears later in life, often between the ages of 35-45 years. As it oftendevelops slowly, many people may not recognise the symptoms, and may have diabetes withoutknowing it.
         If you have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you are one of the lucky ones. Manypeople have diabetes without knowing it, and are at much greater risk of long term medical

       There are several different things like test strips, medications, glucose meter, insulin pen, insulin pen needles and other backup items. You need to carry every single dose that you have to take.
Sometimes there are injections and insulin pens too. But you have to take them very carefully and with absolute safety.

       Meanwhile,  the shelf life of insulin is usually 30 months at 2-8 degrees and at normal temperature 20-25 degrees is 1 month. It can be seen that during the season of insulin injections above 25 degrees, the safety of the quality of insulin carried by users is seriously threatened, and it also limits the freedom of diabetics to travel and travel

       So ,Believe me , you need a good quality insulated medication cooler bag and diabetic insulin travel cases to support the whole package you are carrying !

       Insulin cooler travel bag is of high quality and nicely made with internal pouches for carrying insulin pen, diabetic insulin pen needles and diabetic supplies vials for around 12 hours in being able to maintain a cooling temperature once frozen ice gel packs are inserted.About the same size as a small cosmetics bag, so easy to carry around discretely.This durable, attractive and functional insulated medication diabetic supplies travel bag is perfect for refrigerated medication daily use.

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