How to Preserve Household Medicines in hot days? 2024-03-31

Just like food, in the hot summer, some stock medicines will deteriorate and lose their efficacy. 

For this reason, many people store medicines in the refrigerator, but they don’t know that many medicines don’t need to be refrigerated. As common cough syrup contains a lot of plant ingredients and it is in liquid form, people think that cough syrup is more perishable than tablets and powder medicines. Therefore, many families store leftover syrup in the refrigerator. 

In fact, the storage of medicines has different requirements for temperature. Some need to be stored at room temperature, requiring 10 to 30 degrees Celsius; some need to be stored in a cool place, requiring the temperature to be below 20 degrees Celsius; some need to be refrigerated, requiring 2 to 8 degrees Celsius . 

Generally speaking, insulin used by diabetic patients, diarrhea medicines such as Livzon Changle, Peifeikang, eye drops, suppositories and biological preparations for keratitis and glaucoma need to be stored in the refrigerator. The cough syrup cannot be refrigerated just keep it at room temperature. 

Because sugar preparations will stratify and reduce the solubility of the drug in an environment where the temperature is too low, resulting in a decrease in concentration and affecting the efficacy of the drug. When storing drugs, be sure to read the instructions on the drugs. Except for refrigerated storage, other drugs can be stored in a dry and cool place after being sealed.

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