How to choose a high-quality medical cooler box 2021-01-11

      High quality medical cooler boxes generally use food-grade environmentally friendly LLDPE materials with best insulation material of PP,  which are non-toxic, tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, and are not easy to change  color. Plastic has been widely used in various fields of daily life. Products made of plastic such as plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic bottles, plastic  cabinets, plastic boxes, etc. can be seen everywhere,.  However, the materials used in some plastic products sold in the market may release toxic and harmful substances under different conditions such as temperature and humidity, which are unsafe.

      So we  faced with so many plastic products on the market and How to choose the ideal medical cooler box ?

     When consumers choose high-quality plastic products, they must understand genuine plastic products from the following points:

Better airtightness 


   This is the primary consideration when choosing a reefer. Although different brands of products have different sealing methods, excellent air tightness is a necessary condition for long-lasting preservation of food or medicine in memory.

Heat & cold resistance

    Refrigerators have relatively high requirements for heat resistance and cold resistance, will not deform in high temperature water, and can even be disinfected with boiling water.

 With meticulous test, our medical cooler box could perform 24-45 hours under the ambient temperature of 30 degree C.


    Durability: It must have excellent impact resistance, such as not easily broken when the car is pressed or impacted, will not leave scratches, and can be used for life.

    Versatility and diversity: Designed in different sizes according to the needs of life, and used with reusable technology ice packs, the ice packs can keep cold and heat. 

Insulation cooling time:

      When the ice cubes of the general incubator are put into two-thirds, it can keep for 24-48 hours. The material used in the good insulation refrigerator and the thickness of the insulation layer determine the time of insulation and refrigeration. At a specific ambient temperature, The longest ice cube refrigeration time is up to 3 days。 

      Our Medical cooler box with best PP insulation, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistant and it is good choice for   vaccines, insulin, pharmaceuticals, blood, organ donation ,stem cells , in fact anything that needs to be kept within the WHO guideline temperature of between 2-8 degree and it is your best choice !


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