Cold chain drugs are bought every day, but many people don't know these basic common sense! 2021-02-03

In addition to vaccines, which of the commonly used drugs need to be stored in the cold chain? And what is the specific storage temperature? In fact, there are many things to pay attention to in the storage of drugs. It is not enough to refrigerate. Some drugs even "collision" "It will fail in a moment! Isn't it a little surprised? With regard to the topic of cold chain drugs and storage, I will give you a popular science today.

  01 What is a cold chain drug?

   Seeing the word "chain", we immediately think of chains, which are linked together. The drug cold chain refers to temperature-sensitive drugs such as refrigerated drugs. From production, packaging, transportation, to storage before use by patients, the entire process must be under a specified temperature environment, and no chain can be broken at one point. Ensure the efficacy of drugs.

  02Which drugs need cold chain storage?

   To put it simply, cold chain drugs are drugs that require refrigeration on the drug insert.

   Such as: The storage method of this medicine is: 2-8℃ (or 0-5℃) protected from light. All cold chain medicines are stored and transported.

   Our common ones are:

  1. Most biological products (such as insulin, interferon, growth factors, etc.),

  2. Vaccines and some blood products.

   3. Part of live bacteria preparations, part of ophthalmic preparations, part of anti-tumor drugs, part of antibiotics, etc.

   Therefore, you must read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions of doctors and pharmacists for specific drugs that require cold chain transportation.

  03 What will happen if cold chain drugs are broken?

  Because biological products have a relatively fragile structure, their preservation requirements are very strict. After being heated or frozen, they can easily cause changes in the properties of some drugs, which may denature or invalidate the drugs.

  Excessive temperature may affect the efficacy of the drug, may destroy the dosage form, and may even produce toxic variation. Similarly, when the temperature is too low, the container may be frozen, the efficacy may be lower, the solution may precipitate, and the toxicity may vary.

  04How to store cold chain drugs at home?

   Therefore, we must ensure the refrigeration conditions of medicines when purchasing, transporting and storing. The following points should be noted:

  1. Achieve a full cold chain, storage conditions: temperature 2 ~ 8 ℃ (see the drug instructions for specific temperature range), airtight, protected from light.

   2. It is advisable to leave the medicine at room temperature for no more than 30 minutes.

  3. Carry an insulation box during transportation and prepare an ice pack at home. Before use, the ice pack needs to be released at room temperature (30-40 minutes at room temperature in winter, 15-20 minutes at room temperature in summer) and then put in the insulation box.

   4. If there is no ice pack or ice row prepared in time in summer, it is recommended to buy popsicles temporarily instead. But be careful not to touch the medicines with ice packs or popsicles. Use plastic foam or a thicker paper shell as the intermediate partition, try to ensure that the ambient temperature reaches the standard, and send it home to the refrigerator as soon as possible.

   5. It is strictly forbidden to put medicines on the refrigerator door! If possible, the temperature of the refrigerator freezer at home should be stable at 2~5℃, and the place where medicines should be placed should be measured regularly.

   6. It is strictly forbidden to use cold chain drugs that have been frozen or placed at high temperature for a long time.
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