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With summer coming, ice cream season is in full swing. Regardless of whether you like it in a bowl, in a cone or just straight out of the pint, ice cream is a treat many folks enjoy. However, most consumers don't think about when they're enjoying this frozen sweet treat is how to transporting ice cream. How to do it in the transportation and distribution, ice cream does not melt, but it is safely delivered? The most important part of transporting ice cream is making sure it stays fresh. Ice cream can change in body, texture and flavor if it melts during shipping. Understand how the cold chain supply works to get everyone's favorite frozen dessert into your freezer.

ICE CREAM Cold chain logistics

First, we must understand the storage temperature of ice cream. Ice cream is a kind of sponge-like structure, which contains solids, liquids, and gases. It is called a three-phase gel in physics. Generally speaking, ice cream wants to stabilize its structure. The temperature is below -22℃, some ice cream may be made due to the addition of structural stabilizers, or aging process, ice cream needs -18℃ environment, if the temperature is higher than this temperature, the ice cream will start to melt. In many cases, ice cream is transported over long distances in refrigerated trucks. The cold chain gives you a consistent and reliable way to transport perishable items like ice cream from place to place. The cold transportation process can take days, so the cold chain and cold storage is essential. Without the cold supply chain, you'd be without your favorite ice cream.

Cold chain logistics refers to all the methods used to make sure ice cream and other perishables stay a consistent temperature during the logistics process. Some experts consider cold chain logistics a technology, a science and a process. The technology part comes from the cold chain's reliance on physical ways of maintaining low temperatures.Therefore, we must ensure that the ice cream is below this temperature during transportation, such as:

Method 1. Use "freezer" for cooling throughout the process, such as using a refrigerated truck. Advantages: guaranteed temperature, less ice cream, this mode of transportation lacks economy, plus trucks are not allowed in some areas, and the convenience of refrigerated trucks needs to be improved discount.

Method 2. Use the cold chain box + cold source like ice brick ice gels. The thickness of the cooler box, the packaging method, the type of cold storage agent, and the quantity selection are the key factors. This one is a cooler box, and dry ice is added.

Best Way to Transport Ice Cream

The cold chain is a logistics process that makes the transport of ice cream possible, which might be the best way to transport ice cream. The cold chain not only just transport frozen items from place to place, but it also can be used to transport cold items around the world if the cooler box has good cold life performance. Here are the ice cream transport method we provide for your reference.

Steps in the cold chain for transporting ice cream might include

  • Storage: Put the Ice cream into Refrigerated warehouses before it is distributed. It can keep the ice cream with original temperature.
  • Packing: Check cold chain box before packing. Charge the PCM bricks for 36 hours minimum. The ice brick packs must be completely solid before use. Place 5pcs fully frozen PCM Brick into the shipping box, then put the ice cream into cold chain box. Check that the closing surfaces are clean and free of loose objects. Immediately close the lid by pushing down firmly until fully seated. Close the outer carton or cover while exerting firm even pressure to the top of the box.
  • Transportation: The ice cream will enter the cold chain and transportation to the final destination.

PCM bricks

Cold life will be effected by ambient temperature, direct sunlight, opening the lid of the box, and the temperature of the contents on loading. Please confirm the box size, cold life performance requirement and abient temperature, then we will do some recommendation accordingly. We have different box and ice brick to meet your requirement.

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