We fighting together with Wuhan in Coronavirus Epidemic Period 2020-02-18

Chinese lunar new year of 2020 is a long and special holiday. Due to the outbreak of the pneumonia coronavirus in Wuhan, many Chinese families cancelled their travel and backhome for the new year in January in order to control the rapid spread of the epidemic from human to human. China's government also sent thousands of doctors and nurses to support the epidemic areas, and all field’s people donated millions of face masks, protective clothing and other materials to support Wuhan.

cold chain packaging

As the leader of the pharmaceutical cold chain packaging and logistics industry, Haotian Technology has duty for the rescue in the epidemic area. On January 22, two days before the Spring Festival holiday, the company's management held an emergency meeting to establish an epidemic support project team, which was composed of the CEO, the business department, the head of storage and logistics. On the first day of the new year, the CEO led 6 team members to work overtime for 8 hours.Boss also came to the company to work overtime with everyone in the afternoon, 50pcs of 158L Polarbox were assembled to load rescue drugs and transported to the epidemic area of Wuhan in first time. In the next half month, we sent lots of cold chain reagents and drugs to the epidemic area always.

Haotian Technology

Haotian family’s heart connected with Wuhan people, for the health of our land, friend and family, for a life of health and harmony, we should fight together as one to beat virus, which is our responsibility, we will win this fighting in near further.

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