VIP materials and Medical insulated boxes 2023-11-09

Medical insulated boxes are indispensable for full cold chain transportation, especially in backward countries and regions with immature cold chain conditions. When choosing an insulated box, you should not only consider the material and electronic functions, but also pay special attention to the insulation function.


Generally, medical incubators need to be maintained between 2-8°C for a long time during use. The efficiency of the insulation layer directly affects the performance of the medical incubator.


VIP is composed of three parts: porous core material, getter and barrier film. Thermal insulation is achieved by selecting low thermal conductivity core materials and increasing the vacuum within the board to reduce heat convection, heat transfer and heat radiation.

Barrier film materials must have the functions of high thermal resistance, moisture isolation and sealing properties, and are usually made of functional film materials BOPA, aluminum foil and other materials.


BOPA's superior barrier properties against conventional gases can continuously maintain a high vacuum inside, minimizing heat conduction and convection heat transfer caused by gases.


BOPA has excellent tensile and puncture resistance, and can protect other film layers and core materials from damage under external impact, thus ensuring that VIP maintains high water resistance, easy heat sealing and other characteristics, and prolongs the service life of the incubator.


BOPA is thin and flexible and can be used in the temperature range of -60-150. It is not easy to age when used in VIP. It is thin, small in size and light in weight. It can reduce space occupation, increase storage capacity, and is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.


With the same specifications, the same external environment, and the same mass and volume of built-in ice cubes, the temperature inside is maintained between 2°C and 8°C. The use time of an incubator using traditional foam materials is about 30 hours. With VIP, it can last up to 92 hours.

VIP & VPU Vaccine Storage Vaccum Insulated Shipping Box

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