The new crown epidemic spurs changes in cold chain logistics to complement cold chain logistics shortcomings 2020-12-09

Whether it is to accelerate the entry of agricultural products into cities or to stimulate the development potential of fresh e-commerce, industrial chain reform is imminent, and cold chain logistics shortcomings urgently need to be filled.

   The demand for fresh food from consumer groups has surged, and the cold chain logistics industry has ushered in new development opportunities. However, facing the balance of supply and demand broken by the epidemic, the logistics industry chain has exposed many shortcomings in development.

  1 The supply chain is relatively fragile, which is directly manifested in the shortage of the terminal commodity supply and the chain of transportation links. At present, the cold chain logistics industry has not completely got rid of the natural attributes of the traditional logistics industry, and the interruption of transportation has become the biggest shortcoming of short-term market demand.

  2 The implementation and supervision of cold chain logistics industry standards need to be strengthened. Due to the large management deficiencies in the current operational requirements of transportation and storage, the hygienic safety, packaging quality and freshness of perishable food are uneven.

   The market coverage of the three industries is uneven. The cold and fresh distribution industry in large and medium-sized cities is highly competitive, while the markets in other large urban and rural areas need to be further developed. The fourth is that the "unmanned" level of the industry needs to be improved.

In response to the above problems, establish an emergency logistics system as soon as possible to ensure the peoples livelihood in coordination with government and enterprises; strengthen the quality supervision of cold and fresh products with the help of technical means such as full-process information traceability; promote resource reorganization, reduce enterprise costs, and increase the penetration of small and medium markets; in addition, Industry reforms urgently need to accelerate the pace of transformation between intelligent and unmanned. "

   In addition, the industry pointed out that with the upgrading of consumer demand, people put forward higher requirements for cold chain service capabilities such as the radiation radius and logistics timeliness of cold chain logistics companies. These requirements are passed to the cold chain industry, and the cold storage refrigeration process and technology need to be continuously improved, and the fresh food storage temperature zone also needs to move in the direction of intelligence and refinement.

   In addition to strengthening supervision and implementing standards, it is also necessary to strengthen planning and improve the cold chain logistics infrastructure network. The No. 1 document issued by the Central Committee on February 5 this year, the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Doing a Good Job in the "Three Rural" Areas to Ensure a Comprehensive Well-off Society as Scheduled" has clearly emphasized the start of the construction of cold chain logistics facilities for storage and preservation of agricultural products.

   It is reported that my country will strengthen the overall planning, hierarchical layout and standard formulation of agricultural cold chain logistics this year. Arrange investment within the central budget to support the construction of a number of backbone cold chain logistics bases. The state supports family farms, farmer cooperatives, supply and marketing cooperatives, postal express companies, and leading industrialization enterprises in the construction of facilities for sorting and packaging, cold storage and preservation, storage and transportation, and primary processing of production areas, and implement agricultural production for the use of electricity for preservation and storage facilities built in rural areas Electricity price.

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