Temperature Controlled Cold Chain Solution 2020-02-17

When it comes to cold chain or cool chain, it means the series of actions and equipment applied to maintain a product within a specified low-temperature range from harvest/production to consumption.

An unbroken cold chain is important in storage and distribution activities which maintain a temperature range to extend and to help ensure the shelf life of products like vaccines, drugs, blood, food and chemicals. Haotian Technology who supplys cold chain equipment and vaccine carriers ensures the safety, efficacy or quality of the products distributed and transported.

Both cooler boxes and vaccine carriers require conditioned ice packs or cold-water packs to keep vaccines cool. Different models and deisgn of cooler boxes have different storage capacities. Also, it requires different numbers and sizes of ice gel packs. It is important to use the correct number and size of ice gel packs, exactly as specified by the container manufacturer, otherwise cold life or cool life will be affected. You can view our entire range of Cold chain equipments, choose the most suitable model and inform us the product item and quanlity so that we can offer you the best price.

Or please let us know below details and email to, then we will do some recommendations accordingly.

1. What's the payload capacity needed?

2. What is the range of ambient temperature?

3. What is the cold life needed, that is, the longest time that medical will be stored in the box?

4. The weight and the volume of the box, which depends on how you will transport it –

by motor vehicle, bicycle, or hand;

5. Ice-packs compatible with size of the cold box.

6. Any special requirements? Please list.

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