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Cold Chain Services

More and more products than ever are temperature-sensive and need careful protection. Cold chain logistics products are generally divided into three categories:

One is primary agricultural products, including: vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, flowers, etc.The second is processed food, such as: frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic products and other packaged cooked food, ice cream and dairy products, etc.

The third is special commodities, namely medicines and vaccines.

Cold chain logistics

Whether you are shipping foods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biological samples (blood, saliva, urine, tissues, etc.), lab specimens, or even temperature-sensitive reagents, we provide professional and tailor made supply chain solutions like thermal packaging solutions, pallet containers, monitoring devices, and monitoring and intervention solutions that can help deliver your products at the right time and in the right condition.

Our temperature controlled packaging boxes is designed to meet customer specific temperature, duration and payload criteria. It is ideal to ship sensitive medical, phamaceutical products or foods. Our design engineers are dedicated and experienced temperature-sensitive shipping experts who will profile your needs and requirements and recommend the solution that meets your demanding cold chain packaging challenges. Our combination of packaging components allows for greater flexibility, lower freight costs, greater hold times (from 24hours -90 hours) and our easy design reduces pack out time and costly operator errors.


For medicines and vaccines cold chain packaging, we recommend below boxes.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, biologicals and other medical goods with strict temperature requirements, a fluctuation as minor as 2 degrees Celsius can reduce or even eliminate effectiveness. For high-value items like vaccines, clinical trial samples and lifesaving medications, the stakes couldn't be higher. Don’t worry, our cooler box can help you with complicated regulations, packaging solutions and temperature monitoring throughout transit. Also, using our range of PCM, it can meet your different cold life requirement.

vaccines cold chain packing

vaccines cold chain packing

vaccines cold chain packing

For food like ice cream,vegetables, fruits,flowers, etc., we recommend below boxes.

Consider ice cream or vegetable delivery, if the temperature is too hot, and your customer ends up with melted ice cream or wilted buds. Freezing temperatures are no better, as they can cause discoloration, not to mention a shorter shelf life. Below cold chain box can solve the problem for short distance and large area transportation.

cold chain box

If you would like to get a cost-effective and short cold life performance cooler product, our polarbag is an ideal option also.


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