It is the best time to enter the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry ! 2021-01-11

    The medical cold chain refers to a special supply chain network with a temperature-controlled environment to satisfy people's disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment purposes, and to ensure the safety and effectiveness of refrigerated medicines, vaccines, and IVDs.

     Affected by the epidemic, medical cold chain transportation is more well-known to the public than ever before, and the industry value is prominent. As the crown jewel of the medical logistics industry, medical cold chain transportation has once again become the focus of attention. As we all know, under the catalysis of the epidemic, the overall economic situation of the country is not optimistic.

Then, why are there still many logistics companies entering the field of medical cold chain transportation in the first half of 2020 under such a severe environment?

      First, The root cause-the pharmaceutical cold chain market continues to grow rapidly 

Biological products, vaccines, blood products, and other pharmaceutical cold chain markets continue to grow rapidly. The market scale growth rate of vaccines in 2019 is about 28.29%, the market scale growth rate of blood products in 2019 is about 25%, and the market scale growth rate of biological products in 2019 About 18.29%. The increase in the volume of the upstream market will inevitably bring more development opportunities to the downstream industry, which is also the fundamental reason why many companies enter the medical cold chain transportation. The pharmaceutical cold chain transportation field is in a period of rapid development. There are two types of market segmentation. One is the expansion of existing companies to gain more market share; the second is "novices" entering the field of medical cold chain transportation to obtain a "cake". .

      Secondly, Thanks to the  powerful policy push to play a big part

The pharmaceutical industry is a strong policy industry, and all activities in the pharmaceutical market must follow the red line of regulations. The current achievements of the third-party logistics of pharmaceuticals are firstly due to the decision of the State Council to cancel the approval of the third-party logistics of pharmaceuticals in 2016. The liberalization of the policy means that the door of pharmaceutical logistics is open to all qualified third-party logistics companies. The pharmaceutical industry is a sunrise industry recognized by the society. Therefore, basically qualified companies are trying to test the third-party logistics of the pharmaceutical cold chain, which means that fierce industry competition in the future is inevitable.

   Third, The best time-industry value highlights

The "short-chain" of the pharmaceutical supply chain has promoted the industry value of third-party logistics companies in the pharmaceutical cold chain. After 2016, vaccines have realized the one-vote system. Manufacturers cannot complete the delivery of vaccines on their own, and the regulations that the vaccine delivery does not allow secondary commissions have created market opportunities for many cold chain transportation companies. The one-vote system for medicines is about to come out, and the specific implementation is close at hand. Various "chain owners" are also deploying logistics networks one after another to prepare for the one-vote system. Therefore, the industry value of the pharmaceutical cold chain third-party logistics has been highlighted, and now it is the best time to enter the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry.


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