INTERNATIONAL HAOTIAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. celebrated his 15th birthday 2020-02-17

Life is a shuttle. Fifteen years past like a fleeting moment. INTERNATIONAL HAOTIAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Hold the 15th anniversary celebration event with the theme of "Don't forget the original intention and win-win together" was successfully held at Blue Bay Peninsula Hotel, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this special day, on January 17, 2020.

Fifteen years ago, Haotian was a baby who was young but ambitious. He was a model in the medical cold chain industry 15 years later. In the past fifteen years, Haotian has been struggling hard and advancing in the fierce market competition. He has received the baptism of the market, and has achieved fruitful results.For 15 years, we have adhered to the development strategy of leading new technology and providing first-class cold chain comprehensive services; we have implemented the corporate vision of building a global advanced cold chain brand

The company's 15-years history is as follows:

In 2004,  Haotian cold chain was born in Xiamen University, 6 people, 50 square meters;

In 2005, With the patented phase change material, the product entered the overseas market;

In 2008, Strengthen internal strength, establish brand, and introduce international talents;

In 2009, Developed a new generation of products and entered the domestic medical cold chain field;

In 2011, We moved into the Torch High-tech Zone Pioneer Park and entered a new voyage;

In 2013, Took the lead in joining the Cold Chain Association to seek industry development together;

In 2014, Technological innovation won the "Gold Chain Award" of China Cold Chain Field;

In 2015, “Liangxin No. 1 Polarbox opened a new era of medical cold chain ;

In 2016, We moved to self-built " Dream Garden", and transformed to the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry;

In 2017, The independent innovation technology was upgraded and won the honor of "National High-tech Enterprise";

In 2018, The self-built information platform won the honor of National Drug Distribution Innovation Demonstration Enterprise;

2019 is an important year for Haotian to sound the horn of progress and enter a new era. Although there are thorns in the road, this year, the tremendous changes in the reforms are changing rapidly. Haotian adhered to each other and created one legend after another this year.  All because Haotian has the same dream-to protect public health and escort life. We will also adhere to the consistent philosophy of doing things down to earth and meticulously doing products. Take it one step further.

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