Insulin storage for diabetics 2024-03-11

Insulin storage for diabetics

Patients with diabetes come up with a long way, but the storage and carrying of insulin has become a challenge.

As a biological product, the biological activity of insulin is easily affected by environmental factors such as temperature and light. Incorrect storage methods can easily cause protein denaturation, leading to decreased or even ineffective insulin activity.


The optimal storage temperature for unopened insulin (including bottled insulin, insulin refills, and insulin pre filled injection pens) should be between 2-8 ℃, which is the refrigeration room of the refrigerator. The shelf life of unopened insulin that can be stored on the packaging box at this temperature


Many patients will remove the outer packaging box and store it. Here we would like to remind everyone that unopened insulin should be stored in its original packaging in a dark and refrigerated manner

It should be noted that insulin should be stored at a distance of at least 2cm from the inner wall of the refrigerator, as some refrigerators have lower inner wall temperatures, which can easily cause insulin to freeze.

Do not place insulin in the storage box on the refrigerator door frame, as frequently opening and closing the refrigerator door can cause insulin to shake frequently. Under severe shaking, the molecular structure of insulin will break, thereby disrupting its biological activity and leading to loss of efficacy. Insulin should be placed near the door of the refrigerator refrigeration room and away from the refrigeration components of the refrigerator.

All insulin cannot be placed in the freezer. Because insulin is a small molecule protein, its activity will be disrupted after freezing, forming crystals and becoming ineffective. Insulin preparations that have been frozen and frozen should not be thawed before continuing to be used, and should be discarded immediately.

                                          Opened insulin.

Insulin in use can be stored at room temperature<25 ℃ or 30 ℃ for 4-8 weeks. Different insulin varieties may have slightly different storage times and temperatures. Please read the instructions carefully before use.

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