How to Use Car Refrigerator properly? 2024-04-23

It is common to use a car refrigerator in a car, especially in some high-power trucks. However, due to the frequent long-distance travel of trucks, preparing a refrigerator can have many benefits. But it should be noted that when installing a car refrigerator at the beginning, the correct handling method after parking and turning off the engine should be considered.
After the car refrigerator is parked and turned off, the cigarette lighter can still be powered by the battery, and the car refrigerator can continue to be used. But after the car is turned off, if the cigarette lighter has no electricity, the car refrigerator cannot be used again.In this case, if there is any perishable food in the refrigerator, it should be taken out in a timely manner.

       But if you still want to continue using the car refrigerator after the cigarette lighter runs out of electricity, it is recommended to use the mobile power supply of the car refrigerator, which can continue to cool the refrigerator. It can also be maintained for 6-8 hours, or after turning off the engine, the car refrigerator can be moved to a place with a mobile power source, which can also allow the car refrigerator to continue working and cooling.

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