"Hao Tian Person" Birthday Party 2020-05-22

In order to promote the company's corporate culture, let employees feel the warmth of Haotian's big family, give employees affirmation and gratitude for their long-term hard work, and express the company's care for employees. The birthday party was held, and 20 birthday stars of the fourth quarter gathered with the staff of all departments, and everyone was happy.

This birthday party coincides with Christmas and is full of warmth. With the theme of the quarterly birthday party, each member of Haotian gathers with the company restaurant. In the intertwined planning, everyone's face is filled with family-like smile Everyone is playing a variety of small games with an active atmosphere, and they are familiar with each other and enhance their understanding. Every link is full of singing and laughter films. Then, in advance, at 16:16, the lights of the audience went out. "Happy birthday ..." This familiar and beautiful melody sounded, the appearance of the birthday cake, and the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to a climax.

The 20 exquisite gifts were handed by the General manager and the Chairman to the hands of the protagonists. This extraordinary birthday party made several protagonists hearts suddenly warm and unexpected. The gift is small but devoted to the company's kindness and care for employees. It can be said that this kind of sincere care is spread to every corner of the company. Work hard and work together to grow with the company.

The birthday stars were very childish and actively participated in various game sessions. A joyous laughter on the scene, even blowing candles and cutting cakes, recovered the fun of childhood. Finally, Our cold chain expert and CTO Russell and chairman Mr. Meng delivered a short speech.

At this moment, we understand! All our blessings and greetings have long been injected into the heart lake of "Haotian People". I hope they will know each other in this life, so that sincere friendship will flow forever in the "Haotian Family" like mountains and rivers, and let the sweet smile at this moment bloom forever .

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