Cold Chain Packing In Our Normal Life 2024-05-17

Fresh cold chain enterprises, by focusing on direct sales at the place of origin, shortening intermediate links, making product information more transparent, and meeting consumer needs to a certain extent, people’s lives have more and more "fresh" foods. However, fresh products are not easy to store, and how to keep their quality and freshness is related to user experience.

To ensure quality and freshness, cold chain logistics is the key. my country's cold chain transportation started late, but developed rapidly. From 2014 to 2015, the cold chain circulation rate of aquatic products, meat, fruits and vegetables increased rapidly. The cold chain circulation rate of aquatic products rose from 23% to 41%, and the cold storage capacity increased from 76.08 million cubic meters in 2012 to 120.08 million cubic meters in 2016, a compound growth rate of 12%.

The target customer groups of the cold chain include food, catering, retail, fast-moving, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In particular, services in the food and catering sectors have received more and more consumers' attention as the urbanization process continues to accelerate and the consumption structure continues to upgrade. This indicates that the overall development trend of the cold chain industry is improving, and the market potential of my country's cold chain logistics industry will be further released.

People who can only eat "frozen" seafood in the past are very different from those who can eat "fresh" seafood; people who can only eat local fresh products and those who can eat them all over the country People around the world are also very different. Behind this is not only their personal efforts to achieve consumption upgrades, but also benefit from the rapid development of fresh food e-commerce and the improvement and improvement of cold chain technology in recent years.

According to Wang Xiuchun, deputy director of the Department of Transportation Services of the Ministry of Transport, the phenomenon of "broken chain" in my country's cold chain logistics transportation is relatively common. The low level of transportation equipment technology, insufficient industry supervision, and inadequate implementation of standards and regulations have affected the overall service of cold chain logistics. Quality and safety assurance capabilities.

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