The Importance of PolarCell Cord Blood Collection Kit
Mar , 26 2021

The Importance of PolarCell Cord Blood Collection and Transport Kit

Umbilical cord blood and stem cell is widely used in the treatment more than 80 diseases in more than 40,000 transplants worldwide. After collection of Cord blood, the cord blood bank will transport the cord blood to the laboratory for testing, however, the temperature must be controlled between 4-30 deg. C, when exposed to temperatures outside the range, Stem cell may lose vitality and function. In addition, if the blood is kept at a temperature above 77 degrees for more than 24 hours, certain tests that look for the presence of infectious diseases will be invalid.

So, under such circumstance, to ensure everything is safe, a well-insulated collection kit is required. That’s the reason why we developed a new advanced collection and transportation kit for cord blood and tissue banking.

ADVANTAGE OF OUR Cord Blood Collection Bag

Firstly, we adopt Vacuum insulation board in the wall kit, this thermal insulation performance of our kit panel is 10 times better than similar materials.

Secondly, we provide phase change gel pack to control the temperature in right condition, this kind of phase change material (PCM) does not require refrigeration or freezing, but can provide the highest temperature control. When the ambient temperature changes, the phase change material absorbs or releases heat energy. This allows them to always maintain the moderate temperature required for the cord blood collection kit.

With above double temperature controlled materials, our Ice cooler bag can keep 28 hours at 4 to 30 deg.C with ambient temperature 37 deg.C

Thirdly, inside our Blood cooler box, parents will find the following necessary accessories, parents no need to do a second purchase and re-pack, each item was perfectly designed with suitable slot to be placed.

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