Specimen transport shipping cooler box for biohazard Coronavirus sample
Jun , 07 2020

On February 13th, 2020, the new coronavirus has been raging for more than 2 months. According to thereport, the blood of people who have recovered from the new coronavirus infection contains a lot of antibodies, which can effectively resist the virus; this is undoubtedly Since the outbreak, there has been another major breakthrough in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. After the human body is infected with a virus, an immune response will occur. This is also called specific immunity.

Generally, after being infected by a virus, memory lymphocytes and specific antibodies will be produced. Memory lymphocytes may be life-long and can protect the body from the same virus infection. Specific antibodies will last for a period of time, depending on the length of each virus. Differently, the presence of this antibody also protects the body from reinfection with this virus during this time.

From the perspective of clinical pathology, most patients with new coronary pneumonia after treatment and recovery will produce specific antibodies against the new coronavirus in their bodies, which can kill and clear the virus. At present, in the absence of vaccines and special treatment drugs, the use of this special plasma product for the treatment of new coronavirus infection is the most effective method, which can greatly reduce the mortality of critical patients.

How is the serum made?

1. Blood collection: to achieve complete bloodletting, anterior vena cava or venous bloodletting should be selected. Pay attention to the disinfection of bloodletting sites and the disinfection of instruments.

2. Precipitated serum: The natural precipitating method is used to collect the precipitated serum into a sterilized saline bottle, which is usually packed into two-thirds of the volume of the saline bottle. There is serum precipitation, continue to collect.

3. Treatment for killing virus: Put the collected serum into the water bath at 56°C for 2 hours, the virus will be inactivated after high temperature, and the antibody titer will not decrease at this temperature.

4. To kill bacteria, add 2,000 units of streptomycin and 2,000 units of penicillin per milliliter, shake well, and seal to use.

5. Store, if not used immediately, it should be frozen.

In the whole process, from the blood collection to the completion of the production, the process of the blood into serum, it needs to go through several transportation links. Because the blood &serum transportation belongs to the category of biological sample transportation, the temperature of the transportation process needs to be strictly controlled at Between 2°C~8°C, and the serum that needs long-term storage needs -20°C~-70°C. In this article, we will mainly talk about the transportation of blood products in China.

According to the logistics industry standard of the People's Republic of China, the standard of  medical laboratory biological samples are for clinical testing of health and disease organisms biological macromolecules, cells, tissues Various human biological materials such as samples and organs. There are many types of biological samples, common tissues, organs such as blood, cornea, bone marrow; to normal cells, genetically mutated cells, tumor cells and hybridoma cell lines (lines), cord blood stem cells that have appeared in recent years, Samples of various stem cells such as embryonic stem cells and genomes of various races and diseases.

For the transportation of the above biological samples, we call it cold chain logistics for biological samples logistics, based on the corresponding logistics facilities, equipment, technology and logistics management information system, completes the collection, packaging, transportation, distribution, loading, unloading, handling and handover of biological samples for medical testing In the circulation process, the temperature is always controlled within the specified logistics process.

Transport temperature:

Normal condition: the temperature meets the storage and transportation conditions of 15°C~25°C.

Refrigerated cold condition: the temperature meets the storage and transportation conditions of 2°C~8°C.

Freezing freezing condition: the temperature meets the storage and transportation conditions of -25~-10°C.

Our 12L biologicalcold chain box can meet above requirement. Biological sample container professional packaging box that guarantees the storage and transportation of biological samples within the specified different temperature ranges.

Configuration list:one incubator, one strap, one thermometer (optional), one certificate, one instruction manual, two sealed tanks (or three), one set of cold storage material, one adsorption material, sponge Or 1 foam test tube rack, 1 set of stickers

Scope of application: UN2814, UN3373, UN2900, 6.2 road transport

Widely used: low-temperature cold chain transportation for disease control centers, laboratories, township local hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, drug monitoring blood centers, pharmaceutical companies, etc. for unconventional storage items with incidental infectious items.

Our biological safety transport box meets the requirements of "three protections" and "two resistances", that is, waterproof, breakage-proof, leak-proof, high temperature and high pressure resistant; it can withstand the internal pressure of 95kPa in the temperature range of -40℃to +55℃without Leakage requirements; fully meets the packaging requirements of the General Administration of Civil Aviation and the World Health Organization for the transportation of infectious substances. It meets the transportation requirements of UN2814, UN2900, and UN3373, and can be used for the transportation of UN2814, UN3373, and UN2900 biological samples at various entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus, disease control centers, and hospitals.

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